Sunday, April 13, 2008

How Not To Coach

As we prepare to conduct our annual Brand Positioning & Marketing Communications College in Chicago, from May 13th through May 15th, we will focus this week's as well as our upcoming Dispatches on those critical skills that we aim to build and improve upon during the College. If you are interested in information about attending, please visit our website ( or call our Central Division Office at 1-800-255-9831 (620-431-0780). In addition, at the end of this week's article, we invite you to visit a link to one of our many teaching tools on Coaching - a short mpeg clip of a client demonstrating How Not to Coach.

The DISPATCHESTM for April 13, 2008 can be found here:


It is also available in PDF here:

HowNotToCoach.pdf (PDF File)


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