Monday, October 15, 2007

Creative Brief Development - The Importance of Process

In direct response to the feedback from last week's article, you will notice that we now offer the weekly DISPATCHES in 3 separate formats each with its own advantages. First, the reader may click on the php link which actually takes you directly into our website where you are able to read "live". The advantage being that all the links within the body of the article respond immediately taking him/her to that page or information with a minimum of effort. Secondly, we are again offering the article in pdf format as you are used to seeing in the past. The advantage here is to save it to read at a later time. And thirdly, we are still offering our Blog link which gives the reader easy access to commenting directly or even establishing an ongoing dialogue with us.

Please continue to give us your feedback as we endeavor to improve our service to you. You may direct your comments to Lori Vandervoort at or call 800-255-9831 (620-431-0780).

The DISPATCHTM for October 15, 2007 can be found here:


It is also available in PDF here:

CBDev-TheImportanceOfProcess.pdf (PDF File)


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