Sunday, July 13, 2008

An Interview With Brenda Bence - About You

In our first Dispatches newsletter of 2008, we talked about 10 key trends we believe are changing the landscape for "marketects" all across the globe. As we begin the back half of 2008, we would like to cover another emerging trend in brand-building: Personal Branding. The topic of personal branding is showing up more and more in both career development and professional coaching contexts. We believe BDNI partner, Brenda Bence, has come up with a whole new twist on the subject. Brenda's recently released book - How YOU are like Shampoo - walks readers step-by-step through those same, proven, brand-building principles that we teach for corporate brands ... but adapts them for your personal use. We think that as a marketer, you'll enjoy learning about Brenda's Personal Branding System and how it relates to you - or should we say 'YOU' - in your role as corporate marketers.

The DISPATCHESTM for July 13, 2008 can be found here:

An Interview With Brenda Bence - About You

It is also available in PDF here:

AnInterviewWithBrendaBence.pdf (PDF File)


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