Monday, September 17, 2012


Creating, strengthening, or evolving a Brand Positioning Strategy is hard. Ask anyone who has put the effort into positioning work, and they'll likely tell you that just getting a technically sound positioning strategy completed is a challenge in itself. But that's only the first step. A brand positioning needs to be more than technically sound, it needs to be competitive. And when the product's performance prohibits a clear-cut "win" versus competition, that's the time for a brand positioning to be creative.

That's our topic for this week. And if you would like to do more than just read about these kinds of brand positioning strategies, why not join us for our annual BDNI "Open" Power Positioning College in Chicago on October 30th & 31st - Contact Lori Vandervoort for information and sign-up:

1-800-255-9831 (+620-431-0780)

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